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CategoryTraining TopicsTools ListFile Type
InfrastructureKnow Your NumbersChart of Account
Sample Financial Statement

Paradigms for Heroic LeadersPurposeful vs Reactive Mindset and BehaviorAction Plan List Development
Action Plan List
Decision Matrix- Hire a Controller

Paradigms for Heroic LeadersThe Power of a ParadigmWhitepaper, The Global Business Tipping Point Solution
Continuous Improvement ProcessAction PlansAction Plan List Development
Action Plan List

Development (Marketing & Sales)Marketing BasicsMarketing Lead Plan Template
InfrastructureUnit EconomicsSona’s price list calculations of revenue per treatment type
Paradigms for Heroic LeadersCaring Accountability1 on 1 Write-up
1 on 1 Meeting Template
Bumper Buddy System write up

Paradigms for Heroic LeadersThoughts, Feelings, Actions (TFA)Bias Listing
Paradigms for Heroic LeadersThe E ConundrumWhitepaper - The E-Conundrum
Paradigms for Heroic LeadersBuilding Alignment 1Culture Development Process
Paradigms for Heroic LeadersBuilding Alignment 2Catalyst Cohorts Social Covenant
6 Step Apology