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L4L Academy Curriculum

15-20 Minute Lessons- Topical List Built around the Enterprise Wheel Illustration

The L4l Enterprise wheel illustration


9 Paradigms for Heroic Leaders

View The Power of a Paradigm -Overview of Paradigms

The E Conundrum - What got you here won’t get you THERE!

Building Alignment - Inspired Team built around your Culture-Who you are and Your Core Priorities built on foundation of Values

Building Alignment 2 - Self-Awareness; Everyone is unique but has common drives and desires; Unity – where God commands the blessings; Communication – people separated by common language; don’t assume they get it

Thoughts, Feelings, Actions (TFA) - Controlling the battlefield of the MIND; The Power of a Positive Choice (sowing and reaping); Humility – (“Collins- Why the Mighty Fall” # 1 reason Hubris); Responsibility- It’s my fault (gives me ability to fix)

View Reactive vs Purposeful Behavior -Solve once for all, Long term view for better decisions;Finding Levers (theory of constraints); Decision Matrix

Attraction to Disruptive Innovation and Transformation - Getting out of your Mental BOX- Heuristic Bias

Caring Accountability - Willing to confront (opposite of care is apathy)

Enriching the Lives of all Stakeholders - Excellence through Service and Stewardship

Think Win-Win-Win - Golden Rule for Delighting Clients

Integrated Life in Balance - Faith, Finances, Family, Fitness, Fun

Principles That Work


Hiring - Org plan and chart BRS

Hiring - Job descriptions (include success factors)

Hiring - Assessments – everyone is uniquely different

Hiring - Process Hiring Right People- Overview of process; Placing ads; Reviewing resumes; Phone interview; Face to face interview; Making the right choice- Decision Matrix ; Training and Onboarding

Creating Inspired Teams- Internal vs external motivations, Respect and rewards; 1 on 1’s; Personal KPIs

Compensation plans- Salary; Incentives- Linked to Strategies; Unity

Government Rules and Regulations- HR Manual; Getting help

Discipline/ Terminations- Restoration vs Shame; Moving problems within the organization; Forgiveness and trust are different

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View Know Your Numbers

What is Accounting – GAAP - Debits equal Credits; Matching Principle; Conservatism

The Basics for Reviewing Financial Statements- Cash vs Accrual Accounting; Fixed vs Variable costs; Balance sheet and Income statement review

Unit economics- know how make money; record cost of sales; know margins and %’s

Marketing production and placement- basics & ROI

Risk Management

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Development (Marketing & Sales)

The Ultimate KPI- Customer Advocate System (CAS)

Marketing Basics

Sales Basics

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Product Development

Value Proposition

Customer Segments

Activities; Resource needs; Costs

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Culture- WHO Are You; Priorities built on Values

Purpose-WHY; WHAT; WHERE; (have the right target in mind)

HOW- Business Model Generation

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Continuous Improvement Process

The Enterprise Wheel and the Basic Responsibility Structure BRS

Measurement and KPIs - Cant improve what you don’t measure, report and comply

Action Plans - Solving Issues - Consider Law of unintended consequences; Leverage Points - Remove constraints; barriers (box of we always do it this way); plug holes then direct toward future

Assumptions – all success based on accuracy

Cash and Cost Management

Time management

Incentives Aligned to Strategies

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Lean Methodology- Scientific Method for Exploration; Agile Development (Interactive and iterative Product and Customer Development)

Get out of the Box - try new things applied in new ways

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