Leadership 4 Leaders (L4L) Academy is built to provide best practices to business owners and executives looking for help in building successful organizations. These best practices are built on rock solid Paradigms and Practices that have been proven over time to be both effective and efficient.
But that means CHANGE! And we all know that change is not easy. So we have studied best practices to encourage and apply change into organizations and built that into our SYSTEM of online training. So the L4L Academy training is TOPICAL. Small bite sized lessons that have associated application exercises and tools to make the new learned change easier.

The Topical Lessons are part of a curriculum that includes all the Paradigms (major points of view) and Principles that have been shown to encourage and enliven organizational success. But the curriculum is even more. We believe in an integrated lifestyle that isn't focused only on the business or organization, but also on Family, Fitness, Fun and Faith. Without a well rounded life, Leaders will look back on their business success with regrets. We don't think Success should come with regrets!

So learn more below, and lets start with some of the BENEFITS of using L4L Academy.


Best Practices are easily understood


Training is available anywhere around the clock


New Intuitive Platform


Include your leadership team


Evertything needed to apply is included

Catalyst L4L Academy brings our Members the Best Business and Leadership Practices proven to work in an easy to use and effective technology platform right to where they live and work.

Proprietary Platform

Lack of 1) know- how and 2) experience are the main reasons most businesses fail or don’t grow to scale!

So we developed our training platform from the ground up using current research on how people best acquire know how, through a combination of structured learning, sharing the learning with others, and immediate application of the learning.

The Catalyst L4L Academy sits on a proprietary Platform called “VydSync”. VydSync protects the intellectual property being delivered because it uses today’s broad bandwidths to let you learn from access to a remote server (no more delays in getting longer video training). It also syncs the training video with Power Point so you get a ‘multimedia’ presentation using video, sound and text. Wherever you go wither on the video or the power point, everything stays synced.

The VydSync player also gives you access to a discussion board with others teammates in your Cohort for discussion purposes. And, you get discussion questions to help understand the material better, and exercises to implement the training within your organization.

PLUS, you are delivered Tools that make the execution of change within your organization even easier. Finally, since you can sign up members of your own Leadership Team as Associate Members, you can pass on the learning and use L4L Academy as a key resource to Catalyze success in your organization!

Structured Lessons

Catalyst Cohorts uses the Leadership for Leaders (L4L) Program as its Training backbone. Each member has their very own cloud web portal tied together with their other Cohort Members. Their Cloud Cohort Portal has a private Dashboard and administration section and a Profile section accessible only to their other Cohort Members and Leader.

This Portal gives access to a powerful new Catalyst L4L Academy built on the VydSync Training System and filled with a complete, priceless collection of L4L Program best practice topical transformational videos. Each topical short video covers a single actionable item to help you, the business owner, make changes that add values to your business!

Each L4L Academy topical Lesson is 1 easy to understand and apply Topic delivered in 20 to 25 minutes and will either be on a Paradigm or Principles (Know-How).

Each Lesson will have

  • Discovery Questions, 2-5 questions for Member to complete for review in the Cohort, and
  • Implementation Exercise, a REAL Exercise for you to execute change within your organization, Tool(s) to help with the implementation.
  • Tool(s) to help with the implementation.

L4L Structures these Topics around a useful Illustration to help you keep the topical training within context of useful change.


Paradigms & Principles

The widest path to successful change runs right through your thinking, the paradigms or world views you hold.

Successful Enterprises are led by Leaders who subscribe to some very basic Paradigms. If you want to succeed, it helps to know these foundational Paradigms. Paradigm Topics will be a key core to the L4L Academy.

But, you need more!
You need know-how and experience that have been proven to work. How do you structure your Leadership for success? How do you find and retain customers? How do you pilot around increasingly complex laws and regulations? How do you account for what happens in your organization? And how do you make good choices? How do you overcome the barriers that show up to derail your success?

The answers are all based on a combination of Paradigms and Principles!

Best Practice Experts

In today’s increasingly complex world, knowledge is exploding. No one person or organization can know it all! Catalyst L4L Academy looks to Partner with the best and brightest in a couple of ways.

First - Best Practice thought leaders Guru training resources.

The L4L Academy looks to find the latest scientifically based research on best practices in running any organization. These turn into Topical training of Paradigms and Principles on our VydSync Platform.

But our Cohort Members often need deeper training in areas. This is where Catalyst becomes like a Business Channel with the best Programs from those who are known and proven experts. We are excited at how this Partner Platform will grow over time.

Second - Preferred Provider local and national resources.

Our Members help us Vet and perform due diligence on trusted local providers for the stuff you need to rely on for success. Things like accounting and tax services, insurance, web development, IT and human resources consulting, legal services, and others.

Third - a National Discussion Board for Members.

Our CC Regional Leaders are from diverse and successful C-Level executive backgrounds. They have an immense level of practical experience to share with our Members as they try to walk through the increasingly complex world we live in.